SAS is a commercial analytics software. Cypress does not provide SAS, but you may use a personal license if it is compatible with Cypress. SAS is available for purchase at Tulane e-Academy. You will need a Linux version compatible with the Operating System on Cypress, CentOS 6.

SAS may come as a compressed folder, e.g. "". If so, please first extract/decompress the folder. You will get a folder, e.g. "TS1M6-Linux". Upload this folder to a temporary location on your group project folder on Cypress, for example /lustre/project/mygroup/joeuser/tmp.

Login to Cypress using X window tunneling in order to run the graphical installer:

Find and run the "" script in the SAS folder, and follow the instructions. Note the following during installation:

  • Specify a location in your project folder to install SAS (SAS Home), for example /lustre/project/mygroup/joeuser/sas.
  • When prompted for SAS installation data file, browse to the "sid_files" folder and select the version for Linux, for example "SAS94_123456_99999999_LINUX_X86-64.txt". If the data file is expired, you will need to replace it with a newer unexpired version provided to you when you purchased or renewed the software.
  • Do not configure any SAS/ACCESS Interfaces (deselect these options if asked).
  • You do not need to run the "" script.

Now you can run the program using the "sas" startup script, for example /lustre/project/mygroup/joeuser/sas/SASFoundation/9.4/sas. You may add the appropriate folder to your path, e.g.:

export PATH=/lustre/project/mygroup/joeuser/sas/SASFoundation/9.4:$PATH

so you can simply type "sas" to start the program.

Note: You should not run the program directly on the Cypress login nodes, but instead run SAS by submitting either an interactive or batch job.

You can start SAS in interactive line mode:

sas -nodms

or, if you have a SAS program, e.g. "", you can run it with:


For more information and documentation on using SAS, visit SAS on the web.

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