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Part I Message Passing Interface; MPI

  • A standardized and portable message-passing system
  • Not a new language —— Library of functions
  • Scales to over 100k processors
  • Runs on distributed memory cluster systems.
  • Portable
  • Explicit parallel programming (unlike OpenMP)
  • No shared variables (unlike OpenMP)

MPI’s Execution model

  • All processors execute same program, but with difference data. (no fork & join)
  • Variable on each are all private.
  • Data that must be shared is explicitly send between processors.

Distributed Memory Cluster

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Data sent over Network:

  • Ethernet
    • 10M~1GBit/Sec
  • InfiniBand
    • 100GBit~
  • MPI on SMP machine
    • You can run MPI program on SMP (Symmetric Multiprocessing) machine.
    • Variables are not shared (all private).

Software Distribution

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