File Editing Example

After our last example you should have a file name alphabet.txt. Let's use the nano editor to alter the contents of this file.

  • Navigate to the directory containing alphabet.txt
  • Open the file
    [tulaneID@cypress1]$ nano alphabet.txt 
  • Add the line Now I know my ABCs to the end of the file

  • Hold control (^) and press the "x" key.

  • Type "y" for yes

  • Press enter/return to keep the same name or enter a new name for the file

You should now be back on the the command line. Use the tail command to check if your changes were saved.


  • Create a new file named helloworld.c that contains the following text

int main(){
             printf("Hello World\n");
             return 0;
  • Compile the above text using the following command
[tulaneID@cypress1 ~]$ gcc helloworld.c -o helloworld
  • Check that there's a new executable file name helloworld
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