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Programming for the Xeon Phi Coprocessor on Cypress

The Xeon Phi coprocessor is an accelerator used to provide many cores to parallel applications. While it has fewer threads available than a typical GPU accelerator, the processors are much "smarter" and the programming paradigm is similar to what you experience coding for CPUs.

Xeon Phi Coprocessor Hardware

Each compute node of Cypress is equipped with two (2) Xeon Phi 7120P coprocessors

Xeon Phi 7120p coprocessor

The 7120p is equipped with

  • 61 Physical cores running at 1.238 GHz
  • Four (4) Hardware threads on each core
  • 16GB GDDR5 memory
  • Uniquely wide SIMD capabilities via 512-bit wide vectors (16 doubles!)

All this adds up to about 2GFLOPS of potential computing power.

Xeon Phi Usage Models

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