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    33SAS is a commercial analytics software.  Cypress does not provide SAS, but you may use a personal license if it is compatible with Cypress.  SAS is available for purchase at [ Tulane e-Academy].  You will need a Linux version compatible with the Operating System on Cypress, CentOS 6.
     5SAS may come as a compressed folder, e.g. "".  If so, please first extract/decompress the folder.  You will get a folder, e.g. "TS1M6-Linux".  Upload this folder to a temporary location on your group project folder on Cypress, for example /lustre/project/mygroup/joeuser/tmp.
     7Login to Cypress using X window tunneling in order to run the graphical installer:
     10Find and run the "" script in the SAS folder, and follow the instructions.  Note the following during installation:
     12- Specify a location in your project folder to install SAS (SAS Home), for example /lustre/project/mygroup/joeuser/sas.
     14- When prompted for SAS installation data file, browse to the "sid_files" folder and select the version for Linux, for example "SAS94_123456_99999999_LINUX_X86-64.txt".  If the data file is expired, you will need to replace it with a newer unexpired version provided to you when you purchased or renewed the software.
     16- Do not configure any SAS/ACCESS Interfaces (deselect these options if asked).
     18- You do not need to run the "" script.
     20Now you can run the program using the "sas" startup script, for example /lustre/project/mygroup/joeuser/sas/SASFoundation/9.4/sas.  You may add the appropriate folder to your path, e.g.:
     23export PATH=/lustre/project/mygroup/joeuser/sas/SASFoundation/9.4:$PATH
     26so you can simply type "sas" to start the program.
     28'''Note:  You should not run the program directly on the Cypress login nodes, but instead run SAS by [ submitting either an interactive or batch job].'''
     30You can start SAS in interactive line mode:
     33sas -nodms
     36or, if you have a SAS program, e.g. "", you can run it with: