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Jupyter Notebook

The ​Jupyter Notebook is a web application that allows you to create and share documents that contain live code, equations, visualizations and explanatory text.

  1. Login to Cypress with port-forwarding
    [user@local ~]$ ssh -L 8888:

Replace '12345' with a big number you like.

  1. Move to a directory you want to work on, start an interactive session with port-forwarding. Replace '12345' with a big number you specified above.
    [userID@cypress2 Python]$ idev --port=12345:8888 -t 8 -c 1
    Requesting 1 node(s)  task(s) to normal queue of defq partition
    1 task(s)/node, 1 cpu(s)/task, 2 MIC device(s)/node
    Time: 08 (hr) 00 (min).
    Submitted batch job 282455
    JOBID=282455 begin on cypress01-093
    --> Creating interactive terminal session (login) on node cypress01-093.
    --> You have 08 (hr) 00 (min).
    --> Assigned Host List : /tmp/idev_nodes_file_fuji
    Last login: Wed Aug 24 11:46:09 2016 from
  1. Load module and start jypyter nodebook server.
    [userID@cypress01-093 Python]$ module load anaconda
    [userID@cypress01-093 Python]$ jupyter notebook
  1. Access http://localhost:8888/ with your local web browser.

Note: your jupyter notebook session will be kill when the idev-session time exceeds the walltime limit (that is 8 hours in the example above).

Ctrl+c to shutdown jupyter notebook.

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