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HPC at Tulane University

The Tulane University High Performance Computing system, code named “Cypress,” is one of the fastest computers in the world. In November 2014, the TOP500 ranked Cypress as the 271st supercomputer site in the world. It is the 3rd fastest among private American universities and 10th fastest among across all American universities.

Cypress is located in the Tulane datacenter in Downtown New Orleans. It is composed of Dell state-of-the-art technology, using Intel Ivy Bridge CPU, Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessor, and Lustre file system running on Dell’s Terascala storage technology. The components of Cypress were carefully selected to provide consistent performance over a wide range of scientific applications. Cypress delivers a peak general capability of 369Teraflops and incorporates 11.84TB of fast main memory with 1.476 Petabyte of parallel-distributed file system Lustre high-performance storage, 480TB of which is dedicated to Hadoop with IEEL (Intel Enterprise Edition for Lustre) high performance storage for use by the Hadoop data analytics queue.

Node Type C8220X/E5-2680 v2 & Xeon Phi 7120P
# of Nodes 124
CPUs per node 2
Total E5 2680 v2 Cores 2,480
Total Xeon Phi cores 15,128
Tflops CPUs only (theoretical) 69.44
Tflops system peak w/ Phi (theoretical) 369
Memory per node 12 nodes: 256GB each - 25 nodes: 128GB each - 87 nodes: 64GB each
Total Memory 11.84TB
Storage 1.476PB expandable to 4PB

HPC Ranking as of November 2014

Fastest Among Private American Universities

  1. 53 Conte – Purdue
  2. 94 HPCC – USC
  3. 271 Cypress - Tulane

Fastest Across All American Universities

  1. 53 Conte – Purdue University
  2. 59 BlueGene/Q - Rensselaer University
  3. 84 Big Red 2 - Indiana University
  4. 88 SuperMic - Louisiana State University (LSU)
  5. 89 Palmetto - Clemson University
  6. 94 HPCC - University of Southern California (USC)
  7. 153 Ada – University of Texas A&M
  8. 162 Keeneland - Georgia Tech University
  9. 222 Shadow - Missisippi State University
  10. 271 Cypress - Tulane University

Getting Started on Cypress

Follow the links below for information on obtaining an account, and instructions on using Cypress.

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