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    130130Congratulations, you are ready to begin running jobs on Cypress!
     132==== Requesting Wall-time duration ====
     134Cypress has several Quality of Services (QOSs) available for jobs.  Each QOS has limits on the requestable resources, as shown below:
     136||||||||= '''QOS limits''' =||
     137|| '''QOS name''' || '''maximum job size (node-hours)''' || '''maximum walltime per job''' || '''maximum nodes per user''' ||
     138|| interactive || N/A ||1 hour   ||  1 ||
     139|| normal      || N/A ||24 hours || 18 ||
     140|| long        || 168 ||168 hours ||  8 ||
     142The "'''normal'''" QOS is intended for users running parallel programs.  This is the preferred type of usage to best take advantage of Cypess's parallel processing capability.  Each user is limited to simultaneous usage of 18 nodes (360 cores) over all his/her jobs.
     143The maximum time you can request with "'''normal'''" QOS is 24 hours.
     145#SBATCH --time=24:00:00
     148The "'''long'''" QOS is intended for jobs which are not very parallel, but have longer runtime.  Each job has a job-size limit of 168 node-hours, calculated as the number of nodes requested multiplied by number of hours requested.  For example a job submitted to the long QOS may request 1 node for 7 days, or 2 nodes for 3.5 days.  You are limited to 8 nodes across all your jobs in this QOS.  So, for example, you may run up to 8 jobs each using 1 node and running for 7 days.
     149The maximum time you can request with "'''long'''" QOS is 7 days with a single node.
     151#SBATCH --time=7-00:00:00
     152#SBATCH --nodes=1
     155The "'''interactive'''" QOS is intended to be used for testing SLURM script submission, and is limited to 1 job per user.  See [ interactiveQOS]
    132157==== Requesting memory for your job ====