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Submitting Jobs from MATLAB Command Window

This document provides the steps to configure MATLAB to submit jobs to Cypress, retrieve results, and debug errors. There are two way to do this, one is submitting MATLAB jobs from MATLAB running on Cypress, another is submitting MATLAB jobs from your laptop/desktop.

MATLAB client on Cypress

With this method, you can submit MATLAB jobs from MATLAB running on an interactive session. See how to run MATLAB interactively here.


Login to Cypress and start an interactive session and then start MATLAB (see here) Configure MATLAB to run parallel jobs on your cluster by calling configCluster, which only needs to be called once per version of MATLAB. Please be aware that running configCluster more than once per version will reset your cluster profile back to default settings and erase any saved modifications to the profile.

>> configCluster

Jobs will now default to the cluster rather than submit to the current node.

When you encounter an error Unrecognized function or variable 'configCluster'. , try

>> rehash toolboxcache

MATLAB client on your local computer

With this method, you can submit MATLAB jobs to Cypress from your local computer.


  • You need to have MATLAB installed on your laptop/desktop that must be the same version of MATLAB on Cypress (r2020a or later).
  • You must have the Matlab Parallel Computing Toolbox installed. To see what toolboxes are installed, type the ver command in the Matlab command window. You should see Parallel Computing Toolbox listed.
  • Make sure you have an account on Cypress and can ssh to Cypress from your local laptop/desktop.

Installation and Configuration

In order to submit MATLAB jobs to Cypress from your laptop/desktop, you need to install a custom Matlab plugin scripts that are configured to interact with the Slurm job scheduler on Cypress. Use the links below to download the script package.

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